What is the Union County Campus Crime Stoppers program? 

Campus Crime Stoppers is a special school-based program administered by Union County Crime Stoppers, Inc.

 It is a partnership of the SCHOOLS, COMMUNITY, MEDIA and LAW ENFORCEMENT designed to combat crime and keep our schools and streets safe.  It offers students and citizens direct and easy access to law enforcement, and an incentive in the form of Anonymity and Reward.  It also offers students and citizens the opportunity to “stand up” and “do the right thing,” by proactively assisting to identify potential individuals and situations which can be a threat to their school community and neighborhoods.


How does the Campus Crime Stoppers program work?

If you are a student, parent, teacher or other school staff member and have information about a crime or dangerous activity that has occurred, is occurring or will occur at your school, you can contact Campus Crime Stoppers to let them know what you know.  


WE WILL NOT ASK FOR YOUR NAME.  No one will ever know who you are -- not even Crime Stoppers

The information you provide will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency or school administrators.  If a tip helps to solve a crime and leads to the arrest and indictment/prosecution of a criminal suspect, they pay the tipster a cash reward for that information. 


Campus Crime Stoppers offers rewards to those persons who provide crime-solving tips directly to Campus Crime Stoppers

Tips can be called in, entered through our app, or entered online.


What happens to the information I give Campus Crime Stoppers?

The information you provide is reviewed by a law enforcement officer.  If it involves illegal activity or a crime, it will be given to a police officer to investigate further.  That officer may get help from your school’s police officer.  If it involves other dangerous or mean-spirited activity, the information will be provided to the designated school administrator.  The information you provide will be used as a part of an investigation.  No one is ever arrested based only on tip information.


How can I provide information if you don’t know who I am?

When you contact any Campus Crime Stoppers TIPS hotline, you will be assigned a confidential code number, which becomes your only identity. 


NO ONE will ever ask for your NAME. 


How can I collect my reward if you don’t know who I am?

When you become eligible for a cash reward, you are instructed to go to a select area bank. You simply give the teller your number, and the teller will give you an envelope containing the cash reward.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE YOUR NAME, ONLY YOUR CODE NUMBER.


What sorts of crimes or activities should I call about?

Anything that can endanger you, your family, your classmates, school staff, or school!  We are interested in any crime or dangerous activity that happens in and around your school, or something that happens out of school that negatively impacts the students while they are in school.   Theft, vandalism, graffiti, drugs, alcohol, weapons and gang activity are all crimes that affect your safety and ability to learn.  We are also interested in hearing about any threats of violence, even if they are only rumors.  The information you provide us can help us to make your school a better and safer place.


How do I get a reward?

If a crime is solved, if a criminal is arrested, or if a weapon is confiscated because of a tip you gave to Campus Crime Stoppers, you are eligible for a reward.

If the information you provide does not result in an arrest or indicate that any crime has been committed, but it still helps law enforcement officers and your school administrators take other positive actions to help keep your students and school safe, you can be proud of yourself for doing the right thing and making a difference.


How much money does a “tipster” receive as a reward?

Rewards range from $10 to $5,000, based upon the severity of the crime, and the importance of your information in helping to identify or apprehend the suspects.  The Union County Crime Stoppers board decides the amount to be paid for each successful tip at their regular meetings.


What if I give wrong information?

You should only call Campus Crime Stoppers if you are sure or reasonably certain that the information you are providing is true and accurate.  All information received will be validated by a law enforcement officer before any action is taken.



 If you are a student, parent, teacher or other staff member:

 CALL the TIPS HOTLINE at 908-654-TIPS   (908-654-8477)